Who Am I?

Name: Jerrica

Age: 25

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Random Fact: I have over 67,000 tweets and counting. I say a lot of nonsense.

Been pop culture obsessed since ten years old.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dawson’s Creek were my first introduction to television obsession, since then, much hasn’t changed. I still think Buffy is the best show of all-time. However, I now realize that Dawson’s Creek was a very unrealistic look at youth.  Despite that, I still  hope to marry a Pacey Witter one day.

Most of my days are spent writing.  Sometimes professionally, sometimes for fun. I work for a small entertainment blog, with the hope of writing for bigger publications one day. As much as I love pop culture, and reading about it, I sometimes feel that writers don’t fully explore all the depth and complex issues brought up in it. I created this blog to do just that.

You can expect a look at deeper social, political and psychological issues brought up in  television series, movies and books.  Not just fluff, hardcore, intense pop culture analyzing. Though occasionally, I’ll mix in a few gifs or two–because they’re pretty–I want this blog to be about digging deeper into society and how pop culture represents it.  Too deep for pop culture? I think not.


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