I Ship It: The Tomorrow People’s John and Astrid-Hope for the Hopeless

Prior to the pizza stare, John and Astrid did not register in my mind as a possible romance. I did want someone better for John than Cara, because she keeps giving him the kicked puppy treatment. She slept with Stephen, made him expose killing Roger to the Tomorrow People and she stole his job. However, her worse crime was continuously making him feel like an outsider to his own people. Cara keeps putting knives further in his wounds; John would never do this to her. Therefore, I’m firmly against them continuing a romance. They’re forcing it, and it’s time to move on.

Astrid is an outsider to the Tomorrow People world. Before Stephen broke out, she had no ties to them. This makes Astrid the only truly human character on the show. She has a hope and innocence not common to their world. Astrid is necessary to the current characters’ growth, mainly John.

Astrid and John

The Astrid-John pairing’s biggest appeal is what it represents for each character. We saw a glimpse of this in last week’s “Sitting Duck” episode.  When Astrid disclosed her bucket list items to John, and he had no list, a thousand hearts broke from sadness. But for me, I saw it as a clear contrasting of the characters. John has basically been in pain all his life. He lacked true happiness, even with Cara. I believe he felt so guilty about Roger that he never really allowed himself happiness with her.  Over and over again the show says that John shuts people out. But what do we see him doing at the end of episode 13? He lets Stephen into one of his memories. I’m not 100 percent sure, but I think this is the first time John allows someone easily into his mind. This could be a result of Astrid being in his orbit (pun intended), or it could be because he almost died, either way John has changed. And I believe Astrid will guide this change.

On the other end of the spectrum, Astrid has transformed. She’s no longer completely untarnished by this world. In the bucket list scene, John blames Stephen for Astrid’s life being in danger.  Then she defends him because of blindly loving him. But the episode ends with Astrid blaming Stephen for endangering her life. Their relationship (whether friends or romance) brings hope for John, which he desperately needs. I am sure they’ll continue to bond and have an open relationship. I can see John leaning on Astrid because she doesn’t know about his past, nor would she judge him for it. Astrid will grow stronger for their relationship. She’ll see the darkness John has endured and their struggle to survive.

My only fear with this pair (besides the huge no-no age difference) is that the writers are planning to erase Astrid’s memory for her protection. Therefore, the character development between them will be erased. It’ll be an “I Will Remember You” Angel and Buffy moment all over again. And my heart will die a thousand times.  For now, I’ll eagerly await the next episodes to see how the John and Astrid relationship grows. So I ship it (cautiously).


Opinion Piece: The Need for More Fat Heroines

Recently, a couple articles surfaced about how plus-size figures influence young women. After the “fat Barbie” article, the internet started spitting venom about this being a terrible idea. Most people argued that Barbie is a figure to be idolized, and by creating a fat version, it encourages girls to be fat. Barbie or no Barbie, fat girls and boys exist. It’s time the media gives these people a voice.

The main reason the media, specifically television programs, need more fat heroines is because girls and women need to be deprogrammed about their bodies defining them. Movies, books and television shows encourage these ideologies by their lack of body diversity. The 2013/2014 television season took a major step towards diversifying the racial images on TV. Most major shows picked up for full seasons contained at least one lead character that was a minority. This change deserves praise and admiration, but it’s not enough. Of all the shows on American television right now, I can count a handful with plus-sized main characters. We need more of them.

mike and molly

From my understanding of the television world, several reasons prohibit shows from banking on a plus-size lead. The first is lack of appeal. The studio heads don’t believe many people will tune into a big girl falling in love, dealing with life or just being normal. We’ve seen endless amounts of reality shows that cast pretty people over interesting ones. Many shows even lack characters who wear more than a size 2-dress. But shows with plus-size leads have proven very successful in the past.  Ugly Betty aired for four seasons.  America Ferrera did slim down through the course of the series but the show’s premise was an “ugly” girl trying to make it in the fashion world. Right now Lifetime’s Drop Dead Divas is preparing to air its sixth season. Then we’ve seen how Melissa McCartney has become an America sweetheart due to Mike & Molly.  But the success of these shows seems more like the exception rather than the normal for producers.

In 2010, ABCFamily attempted to create a show surrounding plus-size teens. The show entitled Huge didn’t last a full season. There were many problems with this series, but it doesn’t represent the appeal of a show following a plus size teen. The UK show My Mad Fat Diary has huge cult following that includes American viewers. It’s becoming one of the few teen shows to unite people of all cultures.  It seems that plus-size characters do not discourage viewers, it’s badly written storylines and terrible marketing that do.


A second factor that stops producers from creating more plus-size friendly programming is they feel it’ll be too controversial, or it will encourage teen girls to be fat. This argument is crap. Not only has television become more racially diverse, it’s been more sexually diverse. Almost every show has (or will have) a gay character. Now even more shows are adding transgender characters. Many religious extremist argue this encourages homosexuality. Yet people still add these characters. Why? Because they represent real people who need their voices heard and seen in the media to incite change.  Then what makes being fat so taboo for the television industry?  A fat girl on television doesn’t cause people to be fat, just like seeing a gay person on TV doesn’t make someone gay. I personally believe people are born gay. It is beyond their control. People aren’t born fat, but they shouldn’t be shamed and disregarded for it either.

By showing more variety, it helps women and girls build confidence, because they see bodies similar to their own. If anything, this can be an opportunity to educate. Too often, things are written about plus-sized women or girls that rely heavily on stereotypes. We need more shows not afraid to show society’s cruelty towards them.  We need shows that humanize plus-size individuals. Many TV programs have these characters just as someone to abuse for comedic purposes. This needs to stop. A plus-size or fat person is not synonymous with a clown.

ugly Betty

Isn’t it time for America to include more plus-size women and men on television?  Why not develop a show that doesn’t ostracize them, but one that shows their struggles? One that doesn’t feel the need to constantly say, “You’re fat, so you’re worthless.” Why must all the shows with fat reality characters be about their weight loss?  We as a nation don’t just need plus-size Disney princesses or Barbies, but plus-size romantic leads, political figures, superheroes, best friends, etc. We just need more plus-size humans on television shows, films,  and in books.

Television Fall 2013: The Best Returning Shows (So Far) Pt. 1

Prior to the summer of 2013, I was very disappointed  in my returning favorite shows. None of them quite lived up to their past glory.  However, I am happy to say many of these shows have rebound.

A few of the shows returning to, or exceed,ing their past glory are:

The Best Returning Shows of Fall 2013 (so Far):

Once Upon a Time gets the best returning show award. I didn’t hate last season as much as some, but it just felt not quite there. However, the show seems more focused this season. It has a solid story arc goal. Because Once Upon a Time is divided into two-halves this year, the production team have given the series new life.  The season may have only had two episodes thus far, but they’ve been two of my favorites of the entire series.  I have a feeling that this season of Once Upon a Time will just get better and better. I’ve even boldly called it my favorite seasons so far on my coverage of it.


Once Upon a Time’s  writing, acting and overall message has been stronger than it’s ever been in the past. This season feels like it’s getting  back to the heart of the show. The strength of Once Upon a Time really falls in the reinterpretation of Peter Pan. That imagination has sparked some really  admirable storytelling.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

The Vampire Diaries and Revenge seem like the most improved showsBoth series were terrible last season. But something changed  during production this year to give both series much needed makeovers.  Nevertheless, they both still needs lots of makeup to fix their issues. The Vampire Diaries has a little too much going on to fully develop each and every storyline. Despite my general hatred for the coupling of Damon and Elena, they are not that problematic this season (at least so far). The writers have wisely chosen to focus more on the supporting characters than their romance. I’m happy to see that Matt has become a major player now that the Original vampires are gone.


Revenge hasn’t quite accomplished regaining the fun spark it had during season 1, but, like Once Upon a Time, the 11-episodes arcs  make the episodes more focused and driven towards a big eleven episode finale. However, the show is becoming a little over the top soapy. If it can tone that down a little, it could be a great series again.

The Voice - Season 5

I’ve watched The Voice every season, but this is the only one that  I can actually say I have multiple favorite acts in the competition. Therefore, I’m more invested in the contestants than I’ve ever been. Hopefully some of them stick around long enough to keep me invested in the series.

Kathy Bates American Horror Story

One series that didn’t let me down last year, and looks like it won’t this year is American Horror Story. The new season seems just the right amount of dark, with a blend of fun in there. It’s still too early to tell if it’ll be a knock out season for the show. But I have high hopes for it.

Misfits Series 4Freshmeat 2-1The Walking Dead

Many of the shows I’m looking forward to this year have not yet  returned. A few of them include The Walking DeadMisfits and Fresh Meat. Therefore, I will do another post on the best returning series at the end of November to include other shows. I will also do reviews of each of the premiere episodes of The Walking Dead, Misfits and Fresh Meat. 

For now, I just hope that these returning series continue to improve, and don’t get tripped up by the 20, 22 or 24 episodes a season problem.

Coming Up soon…the worst new shows of fall 2013.

Television Fall 2013: The Best New Shows (So Far) Pt. 1

The fall 2013 television season has begun. This year, like previous years, there are way too many shows competing for guts and glory. However, most won’t get glory.  And only a few will even survive. The Hunger Games season for television has left many shows on their last breath (it’s only week 3 for many of them). While a hand few are clearly becoming victors.

Here are those victors:

The Best New Shows of Fall 2013 (So Far)

To me the most intriguing, best acted and written show so far is The Blacklist.  James Spader (Red) was the selling point for me on the series. However, the writing is what keeps me tuning in each week. There is something so fascinating about a series following the destruction of super villains. Though this show isn’t a superhero one, it definite has those elements.  The characters on The Blacklist have dimensions often not shown on serial cop dramas like Law and Order. 


The most interested thing with The Blacklist is the mystery surrounding Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone). We now know her life isn’t what it seems. But what does that mean? I’m really hoping the reveal is a big pay off, and not an obvious one like  Red being her dad and her husband, Tom (Ryan Eggold), being a plant in her life.

Each week’s mystery is fun and exciting. So the show works on two levels. The first is a mystery of the week/criminal of the week show, and the second is an overall story about a woman trying to figure out her life. If the Blacklist continues on this path, it could be the best new show NBC has produced in a long time.


A Close second for me is Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.  Because I’m a huge fan of Joss Whedon, definitely part of the cult, I had huge expectations for this show. The pilot episode didn’t quite work. It felt cheesy, awkward and didn’t really have the Whedon goodness I love. However, as the series has increased, it’s gotten better. It’s still not perfect, but I think with time it might get there. Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D has great characters, but it just needs to get its writing tighter.


Also tied for second is Sleepy Hollow. Sleepy Hollow is what would happen if Grimm and Fringe had a baby. I’m not intrigued as much by the overall mystery/monster of the week, but I am loving the main characters. The acting is very well-done, and the one-liners warm my heart with their cleverness.


On the comedy front, I’m surprised to say that I kind of love Mom. I didn’t expect to, but it’s one of my favorite new shows and comedies. The writing and jokes get stronger weekly. I hope that it has the staying power of lesser comedies like Two in a Half Men. Because if so, it could be a great series.

THE CW UPFRONTS 2013 Once Upon a Time In Wonderland Season 1 Episode 1-9

In the shows that could be great category is Once Upon a Time In Wonderland and The Tomorrow People. Both shows just premiered this week, so it’s hard to judge them thus far. Nonetheless, they both had really strong pilot episodes. So I have high hopes for them.


In the shows that should have been great category is Super Clyde I saw Super Clyde a couple days ago on CBS.Com. And it was one of the best pilots I’ve seen all season. Therefore,  I’m really disappointed and surprised that CBS didn’t give it a full series. However, it does not quite work for the CBS brand, but would have been great for Fox.

almost_human dracula-2013-dracula-34712283-719-420

There are still a couple of series yet to premiere, and some of them  seem like they have the potential to be really good shows. Almost Human and Dracula rank high on my hopes for new fall TV  series, among a few others.  So I may do another best shows of  fall 2013 post at the end of November when all the shows have premiered.

However, generally I am happy with the new series (I’ve seen) this year. They’re definitely stronger than last year.

Coming Soon…the best returning series of fall 2013.

Pop Culture Pains: The Love Triangle

Pop Culture pains are the things in television shows, movies or books that make me want to pull my hair out. 

You find yourself invested in a television show or a movie. You’re loving all the characters. Then you see two characters who seem so perfect together. But wait…someone else enters the picture. Then you scream with horrible. No, no, no. It’s a love triangle.

The Vampire Diaries

I hate television show love triangles. I hate movie love triangles even more.  The ones in movies are huge disappointments. They usually end in one side of the triangle revealing themselves to be a horrible person.  Therefore, wasting viewers’ time, because they take the easy escape route in the end. The ones on shows just cause unnecessary drama. But the main reason I hate love triangles in television shows and movies are love triangles are so unrealistic.  How many people do you really know in a love triangle? And if this person is in a love triangle, how much does that make you dislike them? It makes them seem really slimy, because what kind of person keeps people strung along while they figure things out. It’s the ultimate sign of a selfish person.

So how are we supposed to like characters too fickle to decide who they want to be with? I think most people aren’t torn between two people. Their relationship problems are more internal. Their insecure about themselves and/or their partner. They argue too much.  Their kids are killing the romance. Very rarely is a relationship broken up because someone is conflicted about who they love. So why should we accept this in our television shows and movies? I would much rather see relationships have conflict because there are so many internal things hurting their romance. Take the other people out of it.  They just cause fangirls to argue over who’s hotter.

If television show and movie writers really want to show the problems of relationships, especially young ones, focus on what happens when people who are not completely aware of themselves start dating. Show people who really only love each other, but their past keeps making them do damaging things to their romance. How about even showing someone be unfaithful, and then that person try to repair the pain of that.

I have never watched a show and said “I’m glad there is a love triangle. I love, love triangles!” I have watched a movie with a complicated relationship and admired the depiction of all the stress and pain that comes with love.  So dear pop culture, please stop the love triangles. I don’t care how many people want to rock those stupid team whatever t-shirts.  I rather see complex stories about love that don’t involve someone else coming in the picture.  Love stories are more interesting when they’re realistic. Love triangles are not realistic.

The Pilots Are Coming, The Pilots Are Coming!


Today a lot of networks began releasing pilot episodes of their shows online, through  sites like Hulu. A few returning shows even put their season premiere episodes today. And a couple of, unfortunate, shows got their premiere episodes leaked online. Plus, I’ve been getting all kinds of invites to attend public screenings in my area of the new fall shows.

So what does this all mean? It means I’ll be writing reviews of some of the premiere and pilot episodes of this fall season.  I’ll probably start tomorrow by doing a review of The Mindy Project’s season premiere (which I’m watching now).

Let the fall show season begin!

I Ship It: Once Upon a Time’s Neal & Emma-An Argument For Destiny

Recently I discovered that I am usually in the minority of television show couple shipping.  At least that’s how it appears based on vocalization.  For some odd reason, Once Upon a Time fans love the idea of Hook and Emma as a couple. I do not. For many reasons, I do not support this pairing. I do like both characters, just not together. However, I am fully aware that the writers are in the process of creating an Emma-Hook-Neal triangle. I’m team Neal all the way.

Neal and Emma

Many  OUAT fans do not like Emma and Neal as a duo. They claim the couple has no chemistry, they shouldn’t just be together because they have a child, etc. I think we’re watching a different show, because Emma and Neal not only have great chemistry,  but they’re one of the most dynamic pairs on Once Upon a Time.  Personally, I believe television show fans just create silly reasons to make their couple seem better than the next.  We’re all stubborn about our ships. Therefore, it would take a miracle to change someone’s preference about their TV couples. Nevertheless, I am going to attempt to make non-believers see the beauty in the Neal-Emma pairing.

Here are the five main reasons I ship Neal and Emma (in no particular order):

1. They’re Destined 

One of the strongest themes in Once Upon a Time  is the idea that everyone has a destiny. And their destiny usually revolves around those who they choose to love.  Hence why Emma and Neal have a destined star-crossed lovers quality to their history.  No matter what, they always find their way back to one another. Not even dimensions can separate them. Their love story parallels Emma’s parents a lot. However, Neal and Emma’s love story is a little more grand, because it  should have never happened. One reason is because they weren’t even born in the same century, yet circumstances occurred to make their love possible.  One of the reason fairytales hypnotize people is because they help create this fantasy that true love is destined. Neal and Emma embody this belief.

2. Their Similar Past

Emma and Neal have a very similar past of abandonment. Therefore, they quickly bonded as teens. When they were younger, they did a lot of shady things. Nonetheless, just having each other made them more open and willing to love. Without each other, they both, in some ways, closed themselves off to true love.  One could argue that Emma shut herself off from love because Neal hurt her, but I’ll argue she did it because he is the only one she felt free to love.

Before Henry entered back into Emma’s life, she was basically a loner. But once she had her child (who is partly a representation of her love with Neal) she is able to let people in again. Neal has  been with Tamara but he is still very much shut off from her, by never fully telling her who he is. Only when united do both embrace who they are and their past.  A past that has scarred them both. However, it also bonds them. Because of their past, no one will understand them as much as they understand one another.

3. They have Chemistry 

TV couple chemistry is more complex than who looks good together, or who you think would have hot sex. It’s in the small things, like how the characters interact and play off one another. One of my favorite episodes of Once Upon a Time (so far) was ‘Tallahassee,’ because of the Emma and Neal flashbacks. From the first second they met in the car, I was sold on the pairing. The small things made them work, like their Bonnie and Clyde nature, the way they looked at each other when they said, ‘I Love You,’ and how small things had significance to them. Their chemistry didn’t feel forced or cheesy. It felt natural and endearing.

4. It’s Complicated

Every great television show pairing has to have some complications, but nothing too unforgivable(ex. abuse, rape, murder, etc), so that it won’t destroy the couples potential.  Neal and Emma have had a lot of couple complications throughout their relationship. Their current one is that she believes he’s dead.  Therefore, she’ll find herself falling for another man. Then, like all shows, she must choose between her past and present. This is the right amount of drama without over doing it.  If they overcome all of their obstacles, they will be a much more satisfying couple.

5. They’re Hilarious Together

Some of my favorite Once Upon a Time moments from season 2 are the Neal and Emma try to parent Henry fails. Everything from Neal not monitoring Henry while he sneaks out the window to Emma having Henry be  the lookout while she breaks into Neal’s place. If we can get great moments like  this from just a couple episodes, imagine the ones to come.

I  love Emma and Neal together. However, I am worried their romance will never fully workout with the Hook and Emma fans being so fanatic. So for now, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they’ll end up together when the series ends (or at least have a couple seasons of romantic development). Until then, I’ll just enjoy where the show takes each character.

If you’re not convinced yet about Neal and Emma (Swanfire), then watch this brilliant fan made video by EternalLove55 below:

Recommendation of Week: Orange Is The New Black

After binge watching Orange is The New Black, I must admit it, it lives up to the hype.  Though The Fosters and My Mad Fat Diary hold the first and second spots for my favorite shows of 2013, Orange Is The New Blacks definitely retains the third position.

Orange Is The New Black Character Picture

What makes the series work  is the stellar cast of characters, and the funny and heartbreaking writing. OITNB is one of those rare shows where the minor characters present more storytelling potential than the main ones. I want to know more about characters like Poussey (Samira Wiley) and Miss Claudette (Michelle Hurst) than Piper (Taylor Schilling) and Alex (Laura Prepon). That’s not saying Piper and Alex are not dynamic personalities of their own, but the supporting cast is so strong that if the show decided to kill off Piper or Alex, or both,  it would still be worth watching. That’s a rare and wonderful achievement.

The strongest aspect of each episode is the characters backstories.  These stories explain how each person became a prisoner.  Their journeys show that even  reasonable, smart and caring people make mistakes that destroy their lives. Additionally, another pivotal part of Orange is The New Black is its demonstration that everyone has their own unique brand of crazy. The best crazies in this series are Galina ‘Red’ Reznikov (Katie Mulgrew) and George ‘Pornstache’ Mendez (Pablo Schreiber), who both deserve Emmy nominations next year.

Orange Is The New Black deserves its praise from critics and pop culture cults. It needs viewing to see the  excellent storytelling, and more importantly, the array of fascinating characters. 

Check out the Orange Is The New Black trailer below, then watch it on NetFlix.

The Fosters Season 1 Episode 1-10 Re-watch Wrap-Up: 10 Things We Want To See Happen

To conclude The Fosters re-watch, let’s examine some storylines we want to see in the next  half of season 1.  So here are ten things we want to happen on The Fosters season 1 part 2.


1.  Brandon’s Growth

Brandon lacks a major ongoing storyline, not involving his feelings for Callie.  As The Fosters approaches its second half of season 1, Brandon needs his own personal development one separate from Callie.   As proposed earlier,  a good growth storyline for Brandon is one where he gets a new relationship that allows him to learn to love selflessly.   A trait that will help him later on if the show explores a relationship between Callie and him in the series.

2. Mike and Brandon Bonding

Despite their rocky relationship, we want to see Brandon bonding more with Mike, even Brandon living with Mike while he sorts out his feelings for Callie.

3. Mike’s Backstory

For an important character in the series, we know very little about Mike. We don’t even know if Foster is his last name. If it is, is that how Stef and him met? They shared a last name so they were always being paired? Has Mike’s drinking problem always been something that has affected his life? There are so many things we want to learn about Mike. Hopefully, in the next half of season 1 we start learning them.

4.  New Friends for Callie

Callie’s journey through her friendship with Wyatt, Mariana and Brandon has been nice to watch, but she needs more friends.   And not an unrealistic, convenient friendship between her and Talya.  Callie needs to expand her social life outside the Fosters’ home.

5. Wyatt Staying on the Show

Wyatt is moving to Indiana, but why not keeping him around? Maybe he realizes Callie needs him  as a friend, so he decides to finish school at Anchor Beach.  He could easily suddenly have a relative who lives there and takes him in while he attends school. Callie and Wyatt’s friendship  deserves more development. Also, there must be a scene with a funny and explosive interaction between him and Talya, especially considering their history.

6. Brandon & Callie Road Trip Adventures

After Brandon trucks on down to Indiana to drag Callie back, they go on a road trip home. Of course this trip is filled with temptation as they share hotel rooms and drive solo across country. It would give the pair  legendary romantic moments.  It may also satisfy Brallie lovers for awhile, because once they get home, their longing  goes on hold to protect Jude and Callie’s future. But while their on the road, anything can happen, and will only fuel the emotional turmoil when they return home.

7.  Lexi Stays in Honduras

Lexi and Jesus can grow more apart than together. With Lexi being stuck in Honduras, Jesus moves on . However, a twist on the season finale is that Jesus has just accepted a new love in his life and right after their kiss, Lexi shows up on his doorstep saying she’s home for good now.  Love triangles aren’t the most compelling storylines but if done right, they could be a real source of conflict.

8.  Steff Bonding with her father

There has to be something that can show Stef’s father the error of his ways, and give them another chance to bond.

9. Lena getting a school storyline

Lack of public school funding plagues many schools,and with Lena cheating to ensure Jude placement in the school, there has to be a major storyline involving the possible closing of Anchor Beach. Switched at Birth did a great similar storyline, so ABCFamily has the capacity to tackle this issue in a real, interesting way.

10. A New Love Interest for Mariana

Mariana dating a popular guy has the potential to give the show a real high school feel. It would show the consequences and rewards of being popular in school. The guy could seem shallow, but shows deeper layers later.  Fitting in is an important character flaw of Mariana’s personality, so this storyline could  further show growth, especially if she has to pick  between popularity and her family (example Callie is a target of the popular group).

Wherever The Foster goes for the second half of the season, we’re excited to take the ride with them. But any of these storylines would make us even happier to be along for the ride.

The Fosters Season 1 Episode 10: Look How Far We’ve Come

On The Fosters episode ‘I Do,’ Lena and Stef wed. This major milestone marks a  transition for the couple’s relationship and individual growth.  Specifically, the finale shows a change in Stef.  In ‘Clean’ Stef declares that marrying again is not part of her plans, but in ‘I Do’  Stef’s anxiety towards the wedding becomes apparent. However, this is not Stef’s anxiety but her father’s playing with her mentality.   The Fosters consists of an outstanding cast, but Teri Polo gives the standout performance of the season with Stef’s speech to her father in this episode.

The Fosters Episode 10-The Kiss

Stef represents one of several characters whose metamorphosis completes on ‘I Do.’ However, these characters’ growth combats with those characters who fail to grow, which presents explosive conflicts that carry on to the second half of the season.

Mariana and Jesus

Mariana’s biggest character flaw is selfishness, which showed in her interacting with Ana at the expense of her family.  By the end of The Fosters season 1 part 1, Mariana does the selfless act of revealing Lexi’s plans to go to Honduras to Jesus.

Jesus lacked self-control in the first half of this season, but by ‘I Do,’ he makes the smart decision to not have sex with Lexi again. He has completed his character transition from impulsive to cautious.

Both Mariana and Jesus have changed in positive ways, but a conflict looms for them because of  the Rivera family.   Lexi’s parents fail to learn that lying, controlling and manipulating situations will not benefit them.  Their actions presents a serious problem for Mariana and Jesus because they could lose Lexi, who for both of them represents a piece of their heart. Without her, the twins could revert back to their negative traits or develop worse ones.  We already saw signs of Mariana losing herself without Lexi. Therefore, no one knows how the lose of Lexi could negatively impact the twins in the rest of this season of The Fosters. 

Jude and Callie

Callie finally behaves selfishly by telling the truth during the Liam trial. Then she further this sentiment by kissing Brandon. This is an important development for Callie, because throughout the season she has treated her wants and desires as unimportant compared to those of Jude.

Jude battles Callie verbally in ‘I Do.’ This shows an important development in Jude, who has been scared to standup to Callie before in the series.

Callie’s selfish actions present a problem, and Jude’s speaking up for himself does as well, because of Brandon. Brandon acts as the catalyst for both of their conflicts. Without Brandon making the initial proposal to Callie about him and her, they would not have kissed. In addition, Jude would have never saw it and yelled at Callie. Brandon has not grown enough to understand that his selfish behavior has repercussions for others. Because of Brandon’s actions, Callie and Jude may lose their chance of a real home.

This episode saw  some minor characters development too. Wyatt entered the show as a bad boy, getting Callie into trouble, but on the finale, he acts as her savior in more ways than one. But being with Callie, who has reversed back to her old self, may force Wyatt to go back to some of his bad boy ways.  Another character that grows is Mike. He takes the first steps toward recovering for his alcoholism. However, we are not sure if losing his job will prohibit his further development.

In many ways, The Fosters is a show about second chances. Currently, many of the characters have learned for their past mistakes, but they will need a second shot to make things perfect in the final half of season 1.