Best Shows of 2013: New Shows Edition

Overall, 2013 produced some of the most exciting shows I’ve seen in years. Therefore, the difficulty narrowing down my favorites reached a new level of indecisiveness. Eventually, I decided to pick a favorite show for each of the four seasons. These are the shows that really grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let it go. I even wished they didn’t have to end. Usually, by the finale, I’m begging shows to go off already. Some of these shows I loved so much that I watched their entire seasons three or four times right after the season ended. That’s a new degree of love for me.

Winter 2013: My Mad Fat Diary

In my many years of watching television–many of them teen dramas–I can honestly say My Mad Fat Diary is the most honest look at being a teen girl out there.  My Fat Diary follows Rae, an overweight teen who  was just released for a mental institution for a suicide attempt. This may seem like the most depressing plot around, but I assure you that the show is hilarious.

It is at times heart breaking, but it’s true. It doesn’t 90210up the trials and tribulations of growing up. It reveals all the awkwardness that comes with it. The most revolutionary thing about My Mad Fat Diary is that the main character is not stick figure thin. This helps teenagers, who may be struggling with their body image or self-love, find a new type of girl to idolize. Shows like My Mad Fat Diary often struggle to really find an audience, but due to really smart writing and acting, the show is a hit with a huge cult following. It’s hard to tell if the show would work on American network television. But someone should give it a try and put it on Hulu or BBC America. More people need to see this show.

Spring 2013: Bates Motel

When I read about them doing a Bates Motel show based on Norman Bates as a teen, I laughed. It just seemed like a horrible idea. I’m happy to say that I was wrong. The biggest strength of Bates Motel is the amazing acting from the cast. Vera Farmiga deserves every award possible for her take on Norma Bates.

Bates Motel is twisted in the best possible way. It’s also smart writing. Combining the plot revolving around Norman’s declining sanity AND the secrets of the town, was a very inspired choice.

Summer 2013: The Fosters

It usually takes me at least five episodes to fall in love with a show. The Fosters had me at hello.  It combines teen angst with family drama to create a family way more interesting than the Camdens ever were. Of all the shows on this list, The Fosters is the one I praise the most to people. Mainly because I want the show to get a bigger audience. It creates the type of honest, refreshing look at love and family that more shows need. I hope one day, shows like The Fosters becomes the standard for family dramas.

In January, I will be doing deep analysis of each episode, because the show has so many layers that deserves more exploring. Those reviews will be available on this blog starting January 15.

Fall 2013: The Originals

The introduction of Klaus, Rebekah, Finn, Kol and Elijah gave The Vampire Diaries a new life that was intriguing, sexy and fun. However, like all good things, the Originals started to overstay their welcome. Klaus increasingly became pointless. I just wanted them to kill him off already. But the show became an endless, will they/won’t they kill Klaus. However, they added a twist that basically ensured Klaus would never die. I sighed. They officially announced their plans for a The Originals spinoff early this year.

Despite my being tired of these characters, I was still excited about it. Then I saw the pilot and there was no excitement left. However, The Vampire Diaries is a show I write about for Gossip and Gab.  So the site’s editor and chief asked me if I wanted to cover The Originals too this fall.  I secretly regretted my decision to cover both of them.

Then the first episode of The Originals begun, and my mouth was on the floor. It was so much better than the pilot, even though it was the same storyline, just a different viewpoint. The show just grew from there. Right now, it’s way better than The Vampire Diaries.  So it definitely became my favorite new show this fall for being the most improved.

Honorable Mention:

Orphan Black, Hemlock Grove and Orange is the New Black also deserve some recognition. I didn’t include any of them because they haven’t quite hit obsession level, but I do love them all. Hemlock Grove isn’t the best show but there is something addictive about it. Orphan Black is my favorite of these three but I feel like it’ll be better during season 2.  Almost Human just premiered but it’s quickly gaining a place in my heart. It may appear on a list of favorite new shows sometime in the near future.


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