Coming up soon…

1. Best Movies of 2013 countdown
I’ve seen a lot of movies this year. Ten of them really blew my mind. Additionally, I’m seeing a couple more next week. So the list starts the last week in December.

2. Best Shows of 2013 Countdown/Evaluation
Now that so many shows are about to hit their midseason break, and a few favorites are closer to returning, I can evaluate the year in TV as a whole. It’s been a pretty good year for TV.

3. More reviews
A few movies I’ve seen, completely deserve to be reviewed and discussed, along with some books. So I’ll start doing more of those this week.

4. Character Profiling
Hint: By Friday, I’m covering a certain Tomorrow person we love more than the lead character.  Another hint: he killed Logan Echols.

5. More Popculture Pains
Hint: when action outweighs the storyline, we have a problem.

6. And much more…
I’m going to add a lot more posting in the next month. Be prepared for lots more OTP awesomeness.


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