Television Fall 2013: The Best Returning Shows (So Far) Pt. 1

Prior to the summer of 2013, I was very disappointed  in my returning favorite shows. None of them quite lived up to their past glory.  However, I am happy to say many of these shows have rebound.

A few of the shows returning to, or exceed,ing their past glory are:

The Best Returning Shows of Fall 2013 (so Far):

Once Upon a Time gets the best returning show award. I didn’t hate last season as much as some, but it just felt not quite there. However, the show seems more focused this season. It has a solid story arc goal. Because Once Upon a Time is divided into two-halves this year, the production team have given the series new life.  The season may have only had two episodes thus far, but they’ve been two of my favorites of the entire series.  I have a feeling that this season of Once Upon a Time will just get better and better. I’ve even boldly called it my favorite seasons so far on my coverage of it.


Once Upon a Time’s  writing, acting and overall message has been stronger than it’s ever been in the past. This season feels like it’s getting  back to the heart of the show. The strength of Once Upon a Time really falls in the reinterpretation of Peter Pan. That imagination has sparked some really  admirable storytelling.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

The Vampire Diaries and Revenge seem like the most improved showsBoth series were terrible last season. But something changed  during production this year to give both series much needed makeovers.  Nevertheless, they both still needs lots of makeup to fix their issues. The Vampire Diaries has a little too much going on to fully develop each and every storyline. Despite my general hatred for the coupling of Damon and Elena, they are not that problematic this season (at least so far). The writers have wisely chosen to focus more on the supporting characters than their romance. I’m happy to see that Matt has become a major player now that the Original vampires are gone.


Revenge hasn’t quite accomplished regaining the fun spark it had during season 1, but, like Once Upon a Time, the 11-episodes arcs  make the episodes more focused and driven towards a big eleven episode finale. However, the show is becoming a little over the top soapy. If it can tone that down a little, it could be a great series again.

The Voice - Season 5

I’ve watched The Voice every season, but this is the only one that  I can actually say I have multiple favorite acts in the competition. Therefore, I’m more invested in the contestants than I’ve ever been. Hopefully some of them stick around long enough to keep me invested in the series.

Kathy Bates American Horror Story

One series that didn’t let me down last year, and looks like it won’t this year is American Horror Story. The new season seems just the right amount of dark, with a blend of fun in there. It’s still too early to tell if it’ll be a knock out season for the show. But I have high hopes for it.

Misfits Series 4Freshmeat 2-1The Walking Dead

Many of the shows I’m looking forward to this year have not yet  returned. A few of them include The Walking DeadMisfits and Fresh Meat. Therefore, I will do another post on the best returning series at the end of November to include other shows. I will also do reviews of each of the premiere episodes of The Walking Dead, Misfits and Fresh Meat. 

For now, I just hope that these returning series continue to improve, and don’t get tripped up by the 20, 22 or 24 episodes a season problem.

Coming Up soon…the worst new shows of fall 2013.


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