Television Fall 2013: The Best New Shows (So Far) Pt. 1

The fall 2013 television season has begun. This year, like previous years, there are way too many shows competing for guts and glory. However, most won’t get glory.  And only a few will even survive. The Hunger Games season for television has left many shows on their last breath (it’s only week 3 for many of them). While a hand few are clearly becoming victors.

Here are those victors:

The Best New Shows of Fall 2013 (So Far)

To me the most intriguing, best acted and written show so far is The Blacklist.  James Spader (Red) was the selling point for me on the series. However, the writing is what keeps me tuning in each week. There is something so fascinating about a series following the destruction of super villains. Though this show isn’t a superhero one, it definite has those elements.  The characters on The Blacklist have dimensions often not shown on serial cop dramas like Law and Order. 


The most interested thing with The Blacklist is the mystery surrounding Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone). We now know her life isn’t what it seems. But what does that mean? I’m really hoping the reveal is a big pay off, and not an obvious one like  Red being her dad and her husband, Tom (Ryan Eggold), being a plant in her life.

Each week’s mystery is fun and exciting. So the show works on two levels. The first is a mystery of the week/criminal of the week show, and the second is an overall story about a woman trying to figure out her life. If the Blacklist continues on this path, it could be the best new show NBC has produced in a long time.


A Close second for me is Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.  Because I’m a huge fan of Joss Whedon, definitely part of the cult, I had huge expectations for this show. The pilot episode didn’t quite work. It felt cheesy, awkward and didn’t really have the Whedon goodness I love. However, as the series has increased, it’s gotten better. It’s still not perfect, but I think with time it might get there. Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D has great characters, but it just needs to get its writing tighter.


Also tied for second is Sleepy Hollow. Sleepy Hollow is what would happen if Grimm and Fringe had a baby. I’m not intrigued as much by the overall mystery/monster of the week, but I am loving the main characters. The acting is very well-done, and the one-liners warm my heart with their cleverness.


On the comedy front, I’m surprised to say that I kind of love Mom. I didn’t expect to, but it’s one of my favorite new shows and comedies. The writing and jokes get stronger weekly. I hope that it has the staying power of lesser comedies like Two in a Half Men. Because if so, it could be a great series.

THE CW UPFRONTS 2013 Once Upon a Time In Wonderland Season 1 Episode 1-9

In the shows that could be great category is Once Upon a Time In Wonderland and The Tomorrow People. Both shows just premiered this week, so it’s hard to judge them thus far. Nonetheless, they both had really strong pilot episodes. So I have high hopes for them.


In the shows that should have been great category is Super Clyde I saw Super Clyde a couple days ago on CBS.Com. And it was one of the best pilots I’ve seen all season. Therefore,  I’m really disappointed and surprised that CBS didn’t give it a full series. However, it does not quite work for the CBS brand, but would have been great for Fox.

almost_human dracula-2013-dracula-34712283-719-420

There are still a couple of series yet to premiere, and some of them  seem like they have the potential to be really good shows. Almost Human and Dracula rank high on my hopes for new fall TV  series, among a few others.  So I may do another best shows of  fall 2013 post at the end of November when all the shows have premiered.

However, generally I am happy with the new series (I’ve seen) this year. They’re definitely stronger than last year.

Coming Soon…the best returning series of fall 2013.


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