The Fosters Season 1 Episode 10: Look How Far We’ve Come

On The Fosters episode ‘I Do,’ Lena and Stef wed. This major milestone marks a  transition for the couple’s relationship and individual growth.  Specifically, the finale shows a change in Stef.  In ‘Clean’ Stef declares that marrying again is not part of her plans, but in ‘I Do’  Stef’s anxiety towards the wedding becomes apparent. However, this is not Stef’s anxiety but her father’s playing with her mentality.   The Fosters consists of an outstanding cast, but Teri Polo gives the standout performance of the season with Stef’s speech to her father in this episode.

The Fosters Episode 10-The Kiss

Stef represents one of several characters whose metamorphosis completes on ‘I Do.’ However, these characters’ growth combats with those characters who fail to grow, which presents explosive conflicts that carry on to the second half of the season.

Mariana and Jesus

Mariana’s biggest character flaw is selfishness, which showed in her interacting with Ana at the expense of her family.  By the end of The Fosters season 1 part 1, Mariana does the selfless act of revealing Lexi’s plans to go to Honduras to Jesus.

Jesus lacked self-control in the first half of this season, but by ‘I Do,’ he makes the smart decision to not have sex with Lexi again. He has completed his character transition from impulsive to cautious.

Both Mariana and Jesus have changed in positive ways, but a conflict looms for them because of  the Rivera family.   Lexi’s parents fail to learn that lying, controlling and manipulating situations will not benefit them.  Their actions presents a serious problem for Mariana and Jesus because they could lose Lexi, who for both of them represents a piece of their heart. Without her, the twins could revert back to their negative traits or develop worse ones.  We already saw signs of Mariana losing herself without Lexi. Therefore, no one knows how the lose of Lexi could negatively impact the twins in the rest of this season of The Fosters. 

Jude and Callie

Callie finally behaves selfishly by telling the truth during the Liam trial. Then she further this sentiment by kissing Brandon. This is an important development for Callie, because throughout the season she has treated her wants and desires as unimportant compared to those of Jude.

Jude battles Callie verbally in ‘I Do.’ This shows an important development in Jude, who has been scared to standup to Callie before in the series.

Callie’s selfish actions present a problem, and Jude’s speaking up for himself does as well, because of Brandon. Brandon acts as the catalyst for both of their conflicts. Without Brandon making the initial proposal to Callie about him and her, they would not have kissed. In addition, Jude would have never saw it and yelled at Callie. Brandon has not grown enough to understand that his selfish behavior has repercussions for others. Because of Brandon’s actions, Callie and Jude may lose their chance of a real home.

This episode saw  some minor characters development too. Wyatt entered the show as a bad boy, getting Callie into trouble, but on the finale, he acts as her savior in more ways than one. But being with Callie, who has reversed back to her old self, may force Wyatt to go back to some of his bad boy ways.  Another character that grows is Mike. He takes the first steps toward recovering for his alcoholism. However, we are not sure if losing his job will prohibit his further development.

In many ways, The Fosters is a show about second chances. Currently, many of the characters have learned for their past mistakes, but they will need a second shot to make things perfect in the final half of season 1.


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