The Fosters Season 1 Episode 9-Falling Action

The Fosters ‘Vigil,’ is the episode that really ties the family together. In this episode, we see–for the first time–all the storylines morphing into one. Prior to this, each Fosters family member has had their own separate storyline. Now, all of them come together as they deal with Stef being shot.  One of the highlights of ‘Vigil’ is learning how the original Fosters family became one, and seeing how they are transforming into a new family.


‘Vigil’ is partly told in flashbacks involving Lena and Stef. We see their first encounter, meeting Mariana and Jesus, and Stef leaving Mike for Lena. Each flashback bonds us deeper with the family, and allows us to journey with them through their familial relationships developments.

In ‘Vigil’ Callie becomes more of a glue for this family. When every person has their melt down over Stef’s shooting, Callie remains rational. She tells Brandon how his behavior towards his brother and sister are unacceptable. Then she comforts both Jesus and Mariana throughout different moments in ‘Vigil.’ Callie becomes key to the emotional survive of the Fosters.  Therefore, she is an important family member.

In this episode, Jude proves the family doesn’t work without him.  Everyone notices his vacancy  from the family scenes. Then the Fosters further unite when he returns to the house.  This is demonstrated through them actually uniting on the living room floor. This scene completes solidify these people as a family.

The act of letting go of one family, and entering another, is paralleled through Stef and Callie in this episode. In the flashbacks, Stef releases Mike by revealing she is gay to him. Callie lets go of her family by disclosing her past to Brandon.  Both actions represent emotional growth and freeing of blocks that stop them from finding happiness, especially in terms of love.  Her confession to Mike allows Stef to move on with Lena, which will create the family they have now. Additionally, Callie’s reveal to Brandon grants her the possibility of adoption by the Fosters.

The final acts of the episode are symbolic and legal uniting of a family. Stef proposing to Lena legally engraves them as a family. In addition, Callie witnessing Brandon’s reunion with Talya, after she was ready to declare her like for him,  symbolically kills the idea of them becoming romantically involved. Therefore,  giving them closure on the hurdle that stops them  from becoming siblings.

‘Vigil’  acts as a beautiful final chapter before the conclusion, where the Fosters (including Callie and Jude) officially become a family. The next episode we will see steps being taking towards that, and also actions happening to disrupt the dream of becoming a family.


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