The Fosters Season 1-Episode 8-Foreshadowing & Speculating

The eighth episode of The Fosters foreshadows what happens in the summer finale, everything from Stef and Lena’s wedding to Mike probation over the shooting.  New viewers will not know how pivotal  ‘Clean’ is to the remainder of the first half of The Fosters season 1.  Which makes us wonder if there are other things foreshadowed in this episode to come.  So as we draw closer to the end of The Fosters rewatch, lets speculate on possible upcoming storylines hinted about in The Fosters episode ‘Clean.’


1. “Why didn’t you have kids?”

Lena’s ex Gretchen mentions Lena wanting to give birth to a child. Lena quickly responds that she already has children. But this makes us wonder if a possible storyline for later episodes of The Fosters could involve a sixth member of The Fosters clan. Maybe Lena will try to get pregnant by using a sperm donor. This could be another revolutionary storyline handled by The Fosters. No show, that I know of (though The New Normal had a similar storyline), has shown a lesbian couple trying to have a baby through a sperm donation.

The Fosters makes sure to not classify  a family by DNA, but maybe Lena wants a biological child.  It’s a natural desire. This possible storyline allows a discussion on the logistics of gay couples going through the process of one of them giving birth.  Personally, I would like to see this storyline, but it could have just been mentioned to show Lena’s ex believing Lena was not living the life she wants. But one can dream it’s a foreshadowing of a future storyline.

2. “I don’t think I’ve  ever even had the kind of pain he’s talking about”

In this episode, Brandon’s piano instructor tells him to play with emotions.  Nevertheless, Brandon believes he does not have the feelings his instructor wants from him. However, viewers know that Brandon has a lot of pain involving his father and his feelings for Callie.  Therefore, Brandon thinking he lacks pain may be a sign of him suppressing his issues, or the writers trying to tell us something. They may be telling us that a bigger storyline (not involving Callie or Mike) will force real deep issues to surface for Brandon.

As Brandon is the only Fosters’ character that I feel lacks some emotional depth, I would love to see a more intense storyline involving him. I even channeled my creative side to offer one:

Brandon begins dating a new girl. She’s a darker, wilder, more messed up version of Callie. He dates her after Talya and him breakup, and after he gives up on dating Callie.   Brandon’s new girlfriend stays on the show for at least five episode,  which should be enough time to get fans to like her, if done right.

However, The Foster family never  completely wants Brandon and her to last. Mainly because Brandon rebels a lot because of their relationship, and even experiments with drugs, steals, etc. But he never totally loses control. However, his girlfriend does.  Eventually, Brandon turns back into the model son, and he wants his girlfriend to take a similar path. She tries to, and it even looks like she’s becoming a ‘good girl.’  Then, one episode begins with Brandon getting a calling informing him that she has died, either by suicide or drug overdose.

The Fosters has covered very dark topics, but in realistic, emotional and relevant ways. This could take the show’s impact even further by covering teen suicide or teen drug addiction. I am unsure if The Fosters plans to give Brandon a darker storyline to help his emotional growth, but I would  love to see him tackle a storyline of enormous magnitude. David Lambert is fully capable of handling the material very well. One of the best things about The Lifeguard was seeing his acting during  the suicide scene.

So maybe I’m stretching my imagination, but I hope The Fosters ‘Clean’ foreshadowed a darker, emotional storyline for Brandon, and a Lena pregnancy one for The Fosters  season 1 part 2 or season 2. They already laid a trail of breadcrumbs that they could use to justify these storylines.


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