The Fosters Season 1 Episode 7-The Fallout of Foster System Trauma

The Fosters episode ‘The Fallout’ deals with the literal fallout from Mariana revealing that Lexi and Jesus had sex, and some of the emotional fallout resulting from Callie and Jude being in the  foster system. Both Callie and Jude undergo journeys of healing. They do this through overcoming some of the scars left because of different foster homes. By the end of ‘The Fallout,’ they find the strength to release some of their demons.  With this blossoming they make new allies.

The Fosters Fallout

In this episode of The Fosters, Jude has an assignment with his friend Connor.  While preparing it, Connor asks Jude about his room, past and parents. Jude discloses many things, including that his dad is in prison.  At first he tries to make up a story about his father getting out of jail and being rich. When Connor reassures him it is okay to tell the truth, he does. The end of ‘The Fallout’ shows Connor and Jude’s friendship growing.

Throughout the episode, there are a few subtle signs of Jude’s emotional damage because of the foster system.  Besides his lack of confidence, he also fears being scorned or not liked. We see him afraid to ask Lena and Stef something so small as  permission for a friend to come over to the house. Then we see him frightened that Connor won’t like him. Therefore, he lies about his life. Eventually Jude becomes comfortable enough to express himself with Lena, Stef and Connor. This allows him happiness and acceptance.

Callie tells Brandon more about her relationship with Liam. At first she only gives him the basic information about how their romance progressed and their age difference. Nonetheless, by the end of the episode, she reveals that Liam raped her. By telling Brandon this, their bond grows, which allows her to approach Stef and Lena about her past. Callie has not fully let her guards down,like Jude, but she’s building stronger bonds with the Fosters. This can help Callie finally find happiness if she continues to be vulnerable with them.

The foster systems can be a hard, tough and even dangerous environment for some children. On ‘The Fallout’ we see some of the emotional implications of it. However, we also experience these characters healing from the bonds they make with this new family.  The pain they feel can be healed by loving and allowing themselves to be loved.


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