The Fosters Season 1 Episode 3–The Power of the Written Word

In the third episode of The Fosters (2013) titled ‘Hostile Acts,’ the Fosters use writing to release guilt. However, their acts result in hostile retaliations.

the-fosters-23-hostile acts

Jesus feels guilty about his secret affair with Lexi.  But when he discovers Mariana is still communicating with their birth mother, despite her promise, he no longer has this burden. Therefore, he embraces his romance with Lexi completely.  Because of this, Jesus risks the repercussions of Mariana finding out.  The act of writing in this part of the episode involves instant messaging. These messages show Jesus his sister’s betrayal, which allows him to act on his desires.  This then will result in some form of revenge from Mariana in the future (the reveal about Jesus and Lexi having sex in episode 6).

Jude cannot attend Anchor Beach elementary school if he fails his exam. If he fails it, this puts Callie and him in jeopardy of being separated again. Lena while grading his test, changes one of Jude’s answers. This guarantees that he passes it. The physical act of writing a different number on the exam allows Lena the freedom of not worrying about Jude and Callie’s separation. However, there are many consequences that can arise from her actions. For example, she could lose her job if this act is caught. Lena temporarily solves the problem but has put herself in danger of a bigger one.

Callie’s teacher Timothy forces her to write about guilt as part of her English class assignment.   She reluctantly participates in the assignment, and she briefly finds freedom from her guilt.  Nonetheless, Talya reads Callie’s journal and now knows her secret. Talya’s knowledge could damage Callie’s chances of staying in the Fosters’ home. We do not lean who this Liam is that Callie writes about, but  we do know—from Callie’s reaction to Mariana possibly reading about him—that whatever she wrote about puts her foster placement in danger.  We also know enough about Talya that she will use her information to keep Brandon and Calle apart.

Everyone in ‘Hostile Acts’ experiences or participates in aggressive actions, whether verbally or written, but it is the written actions that spark the most potential damage on The Fosters. 


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