The Fosters Season 1 Episode 2- Callie the Catalyst

The Fosters (2013) episode titled ‘Consequently’ shows the deconstruction of the Foster family by Callie’s presence.  At least this is how it appears initially but, as Callie states, “she’s the easy target” to blame for this family’s troubles.  Nevertheless, there are on-going issues that Callie catalysts but does not cause.

The Fosters Episode 2-1

The first scene of ‘Consequently’ demonstrates the changing dynamics. In this scene the family no longer seamlessly eats breakfast together, but instead they face difficulties getting ready in the morning. Several things have changed from the previous morning to the next, but the biggest change is the existence of Callie and Jude in the Foster household. Viewers and characters blame Callie for disrupting this family unit. Even Lena discusses her dissatisfaction with Callie’s appearance in their home because of how it’s affecting Brandon.

However, in the climax scene of the episode, where Callie is implicated in stealing Jesus’s pills, shows Callie expressing how everyone views her as the easy choice of guilt, because she is the outsider and criminal.  Every consequence in episode 2 of The Fosters directly or indirectly relates to Callie being in the home. On the other hand, they are rooted in bigger familial issues.

The first issue is the parenting of Brandon. After Brandon risks his life to help Callie, Lena and Stef need to decide how to punish him. They conclude that punishing him is not the best option.  When Mike finds this out, he becomes agitated about not having a voice in this decision. This results in a confrontation between Brandon and Mike, where Brandon accuses Mike of being an absent father.  Callie entering the house, and her bonding with Brandon, is the direct start of this issue being raised, but it is one that has plagued the family for years. Lena, Stef, Mike and Brandon all vocalize this in different dialogues throughout the episode.

Another issue is Mariana selling drugs for Ana. This issue has no straight link to Callie, but the false accusation causes her to indirectly spark the exposure of the secret.  Though Stef and Lena do not acquire the entire truth on ‘Consequently,’ they discover enough to know that this is a problem going on in their home. Without Callie being falsely connected to the crime, both twins would not have faced discipline for their actions.

There are other instances in ‘Consequently’ where Callie causes a bigger problem to be addressed. For example, Talya’s jealousy over the Brandon and Callie relationship is not so much about Callie living in the Fosters’ home as it is about Talya’s insecurity issues.  Callie’s friendship with Brandon acts as the stimuli to reveal this characteristic of Talya. Nonetheless, her relationship insecurities have continuously existed, as highlighted by Jesus discussing it with Brandon later on in this episode of The Fosters.

The audience is given a romanticized view of the Fosters family, but through Callie’s entrance, we see the instability of this family structure, and how these issues will be explored throughout the season.


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