ABCFamily’s The Fosters Rewatch

Leading up to The Fosters summer finale, I am going to rewatch each episode of the show and review it. The reviews will dissect many of the major issues explored in The Fosters episodes. I have decided to do this for The Fosters , because it is a rare show where everything works almost flawlessly. The actors sell their characters’ emotional struggles, the writers tackle important political issues without being too aggressive with them and the directors really understand the complexity of the writers’ work. To say I’ve seen a lot of television shows is an understatement. I’ve consumed more television–both domestic and foreign shows– than many people will their entire life. So I think I’ve seen enough television series to know a good one, and The Fosters isn’t just good, it’s transcendent.

This Fosters rewatch is a playful way for people who haven’t seen the series to learn a little bit more on it, and to encourage others to explore it themselves. Today, It was announced, that The Fosters has received a request for more episodes this season.  Hopefully, this is just the sign of many more episodes to come. So now, more than ever, it is a good time for me to discuss the cultural significants of a family drama/teen show of this sort.

ABC-Family-The-Fosters-620x412To give the show the best farewell until January, I want to review each episode in depth, starting Monday August 5, 2013 and concluding Thursday, August 15, 2013.  I invite everyone who watches The Fosters to do the same. Therefore, allowing a more conversation tone of these reviews.  If you do decide to join in on the rewatch, please link your blog clips on the comment section below.   I hope you will enjoy these analytical looks at each episode of The Fosters as much as I will enjoy writing them.

For now, if you haven’t seen The Fosters, nor have you heard of it, check out the trailer below.


One thought on “ABCFamily’s The Fosters Rewatch

  1. The Foster is my favorite show, i love it with all my heart.For me it a show that is teaching me how to live my life in the future with all the love that are in it, i’m so in love with the show it indescribably,if only someone can open my heart they will see how much i love the show.

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